Letter to the editor: Lewis County Republicans are wild


As someone who fully intends on casting my ballot for Bob Ferguson this fall, I’d love nothing more than to see him face off against Semi Bird.

By all means, Republicans, continue nominating the absolute worst candidates such as Loren Culp or Bird. I mean, why would you want to support Dave Reichert, the candidate easily beating Ferguson by 9 points in a recent poll? Wouldn’t you rather have the candidate losing by 16 points?

And the badges of honor he carries, like being kicked off a school board, are laughable. Semi Bird may end up having more baggage than Loren Culp, which would be quite an impressive feat.

All of this is to say, if you’d like to be shut out of the Governor’s Mansion for another 40 years, please continue to run terrible candidates. But coming from someone who used to call himself a Republican, maybe consider finding some self respect and support a serious candidate.

Or if you’d prefer to stay the course, keep backing Bird and cry “stolen election” when he loses this November.


Sean Wills