Letter to the Editor: Kate McDougall Deserves Spot on Chehalis Council


We have an opportunity to elect a new face to the Chehalis City Council in this upcoming election. Her name is Kate McDougall. Kate has worked very hard to understand the policies and procedures and would make an excellent new councilor.

I was taken back when the city appointed Terry Harris to replace Michael Bannan, who moved out of the city limits.

Why couldn't the councilors have appointed Kate? Every councilor except one individual has been on this city council for more than 10 years and we need new and understanding individuals to make any changes needed. We need new ideas and understanding that will work for you and I, not against us, and Kate will fit that bill if she is elected.

We need someone who will take seriously the concerns we take to the council meetings and not just ignore the pleas for help for a problem we may have. Please join me in voting for Kate as she will bring a new and fresh perspective to our current city council.

Let the council know they can't just appoint a previous councilor back onto the council without questions concerning fairness. If you have ever been wronged by a council decision, you would understand what I am talking about. Please take the time if you have the opportunity to meet Kate, talk to her and you would understand she would make a great addition to the City of Chehalis.


Mary Graham