Letter to the Editor: Inslee’s Insults of Trump Supporters Don’t Encourage People to  Get Vaccine


As a proud Republican and Donald Trump supporter, I find it alarming that Gov. Jay Inslee calls Trump voters “bioreactor facilities” spreading COVID-19 in Washington. Also, Inslee implied that you don't have an individual right not to get vaccinated.

I made the personal choice not to get vaccinated for many different reasons. I know many Democrats and independents that are not getting the vaccine. Inslee didn't call out these voters in his rant.

Inslee just focused on Trump voters because of his high dislike for Trump. I am a disabled veteran who believes in personal rights. I believe that getting the vaccine is a personal choice that should be between you and your doctor and that nobody should be forced, shamed or coerced into getting the vaccine.

Perhaps Gov. Inslee should address our valid concerns instead of targeting people for who they voted for. I believe that Gov. Inslee’s comments do the exact opposite of what they are supposed to do.


Andrew Boehm



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Inslee is demonstrating senility and dementia characteristics like Biden. Both would do better out of the public eye snd with closed mouths.

Friday, July 23

This is a disgrace, I can't believe how something like that doesn't get a proper publication. It is disturbing, disgusting and it's unbelievable how only few of us find these accusations so shocking. I can see how statements like these are music to the ears of the radicle left, but it's incredibly disturbing how very few are calling this out -- and that it doesn't get a proper exposure on mainstream media. Statements like these should be a "red alert" for everyone! Regardless to their political views!

What I'm getting from this press conference is that Governor Inslee have basically found the perfect formula for the reason of Covid spread - "if you are a 50 year old man (O, thank god it's valid for men only, at least women are not a part of this incredible genius accurate equation) that voted for trump and refuse getting a vaccine (A VACCINE THAT WAS NOT YET APPROVED BY THE FDA - BTW), you are the only responsible for any deaths from Covid -- especially children"

"Dear trump voter - please stop killing our children"

Unf***ing believable.

I just can't wait for the next to come, these kind of news and press conferences are becoming more and more the best show in town. I challenge every democrat that disagree with the fact, that this is a disgrace -- please go for a second and look at the mirror. Please ask yourself when you're genuinely honest with yourself, what are my values? am I truly using my judgment properly and acting by my morals and values when I come across people that have different views then mine? Can I / Should I , double check myself before I'm automatically pointing a blaming finger towards a conservatives/republican point of view (even if that person voted for Trump)?

Because you know what dear democrat? Behind every Trump voter, there's a human being just like you. That sees things a little different then you. And if you just jokingly leagued inside your head for a second thinking that a trump voter is not a legit human being, you just proved yourself that some of your liberal values and goals to make this country better and more excepting of the other in a peaceful and kind approach -- might need some self check.

I truly hope and pray that that next upcoming agenda by the mainstream media and governments regarding to Covid spread, will not be to point the blaming flinger to the unvaccinated people. It is the most basic human right for every induvial to decide and chose what they do and don't want to have inside they're bodies. Igniting the fire towards the unvaccinated people is a ridicules perception from it's root. Most of us have learned and accepted that when we point the finger towards the other and blame them for whatever consequences have come, there are three fingers pointed back at us!

Statements such as - "You must understand that if you are not getting vaccinated, you are putting us at risk" are UNACCEPTABLE!

Especially if you consider yourself as a liberal and a democrat, because if you are one -- one of your most basic believes of what the world should be like in a proper fixed society is that - Equality/Freedom/and Right to vote should never be negotiable. And that's exactly why you out of all, should understand that the unvaccinated people safety is equal to your safety! Your safety is not better than theirs, your safety should not be "privileged"! If they don't feel safe getting vaccinated, they don't need to feel unsafe just so you could - feel "SAFE"!

Dear friend, if you still decided that this 2cents opinion of mine is wrong. Please read it just one more time and try to open your heart before you open your mind and acknowledge that there are many more like me out there. And we are here to stay! And that our voice will be heard!

I believe that if you and I will show more compassion to each other and be more excepting towards each other, we WILL start the change -- because the change starts with us!

I know it's hard to believe, but can you believe that I am a Trump voter? And that I am genuinely writing you about compassion to each other?

Well, sometimes good surprises come from the most unexpected voices :-)

Thank you for "listening"

Ahron the cannon


Saturday, July 24