Letter to the Editor: If All Lives Matter It Should Be Easy to See Why Black Lives Matter


What happened on Jan. 6 isn’t a surprise. 

This has been coming for four years. The Trump followers’ herd mentality has affected thousands of Americans. And he knew the time was ripe to suck them all in. Like fishing, you just need the right bait.

For people that don’t understand what “white privilege” means, Jan. 6 was a perfect example. It showed the difference of how the forces of police reacted to out-of-control, so-called patriot groups attacking the Capitol of our nation and a group of peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters against brutal force of physical attacks and killings of defenseless black people are handled. 

These patriots were so easily led into this facade by this madman. Talk about repeating history! This is how the followers of another madman, Adolf Hitler, were so easily gathered. You don’t believe me? Look at who is standing next to you. The one holding the swastika flag and all the Nazi tattoos. He is who you are standing with. Yet you yell at people about not being a sheep that will be led to slaughter like those led to the furnaces in Hitler’s death camps. The same leader your following has the same characterizations as the guy standing next to you idolizes his historical hero.

Look in your mirror. What kind of man is looking back at you? One you can be proud of or one of the sheep you were so easily comparing others to? It takes a real man to “man up” when he has realized he’d been taken for a fool! That is when paying it forward should come into play. When are you going to say enough is enough? You keep saying All Lives Matter. Oh yeah? What about the over 25, just between January to March 2020, white, unarmed or mentally ill men who had been shot and killed by police. If all lives matter, why aren’t you standing with us, who also want answers? Why did this police officer have to kill a veteran who was dealing with PTSD instead of finding help for him? They fired multiple shots! His name was Teddy Varner, 29, and he was killed in January, 2020. You can make a sign and stand next to me. If all lives matter, then you would understand why Black Lives Matter. Do your own research!


Bernie Sanderson 

Mayfield RV Par

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