Letter to the editor: I have enjoyed the beautiful, clean air of Lewis County


Regarding the last question Dan Kearns asked in his letter (“Nothing good will come from another industrial strength tailpipe, June 3), “How long do you want to hold your breath in Lewis County?” My answer is as long as gas-and diesel-powered traffic travels Interstate 5.

Kearns may live without electricity and may not own any gasoline motor vehicles or equipment. Not all of our electrical needs today and in the near future can be generated by wind, nuclear power or by water via dams. And not all motor driven equipment is run on natural gas.

If Kearns, from Winlock, lives on the east side of I-5, he is breathing more respiratory pollution than if he lived on the west side of I-5. Just check the average wind direction for Winlock water.

This is not the same reason Kearns does not get much, if any, breathing contaminants from the Centralia-Chehalis area. On a nice, clear day, the view from the top of Capitol Peak is educational as to where our Western Washington air is getting its major source of respiratory pollution — I-5.

Kearns should take a trip to Southern California as part of his respiratory pollution education. I have enjoyed the beautiful, clean air of Lewis County for almost 30 years. It is very nice compared to smog.


Don Smith