Letter to the Editor: Herrera Beutler Should Support Two-State Solution for Israel and Palestine


Tensions between Israel and Palestine have reached a boiling point in recent weeks, causing hundreds of citizen deaths. Palestine’s high poverty rate is only continuing to climb as the violence escalates.

Despite the oncoming ceasefire, these tensions will never fully disappear. The only viable remedy for the situation is a two-state solution, granting Palestine permanent, recognized statehood.

As the world’s hegemon, in addition to arguably being the state with the most influence over Israel, the U.S. is in a key position to help make this arrangement come to fruition. Efforts for official expressions of support have been made in the past, most recently in the form of House Resolution 326, which calls for a two-state solution.

However, U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler voted against this measure. How else does she think peace in this region will ever be achieved? If Herrera Beutler and the rest of Congress were to rally strongly behind a two-state solution, its actual implementation would become much more probable.

Peace between Israel and Palestine will save thousands of Israelis and Palestinians and vastly improve the region’s living conditions.

With a crystal-clear solution staring her in the face, why not support such a measure?


Brayden Burke