Letter to the Editor: Gov. Inslee’s Run For President Will Cost Washington Residents


Citizens of Washington should be aware of the high cost of Gov. Jay Inslee running for president. We, the taxpayers, pay for his trips, both the expense of the trip and the cost of the Washington State Patrol team that has to go with him to provide security. 

We also have to pay extra for the lieutenant governor, who takes the role of governor while Inslee is out of state — which has been the majority of the time.

The political campaign costs will go away once he is defeated in the primary. There are other enormous costs that will not go away. The Democrats in the Legislature are working to fast-track two bills (Senate Bill 5116/SB 5971) through the Legislature that Inslee will be able to lift up as "his" successful green legislation. 

SB 5116 will require us to have 100 percent low carbon energy by 2045. But the key is that most of our low carbon emitting hydro and nuclear are not included. To make things even more expensive, natural gas is also on the list of fuels that will be excluded. 

Can you imagine what our hillsides will look like if we have to rely on wind farms to provide electricity to all of Seattle? There is no way to estimate the final cost to the consumer, but if you think your electric bill is high now, hang onto your wallet — it's going to go much higher.

Another bill being fast-tracked is the carbon fee (SB 5971). The bill added 6 cents to the gas tax and then adds a carbon fee that will raise the price another 12 cents per gallon for a total of 18 cents. The 12-cent increase from the carbon fee is not constitutionally protected like the gas tax, so we will be paying for lots of other projects rather than roads with those dollars.

Inslee's run for president will cost us now and the costs will escalate over the next 10 years. I'm absolutely supportive of anyone running for president if that is their desire. But making my family pay far into the future for his green agenda is not acceptable, and I fear the Democrats have a large enough majority to get these bills passed.


Ruth Peterson



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