Letter to the Editor: Emphasis on Wind for Energy Needs Is Strange


I agree with your recent reader’s letter regarding windmills. 

It’s strange how we’re putting so much emphasis on windmills to save our climate. Let’s look at some of the irony of that. Parts made in China are shipped here on giant shipping containers fueled by oil, transported down our freeways one blade to a semi. 

The spent blades are buried in Colorado (I know someone who digs the pits). They drip oil into the soil, they kill birds and they are very noisy. With each rotation, they make a huge bang (noise pollution!). Imagine if someday we’re each mandated to have one in our yard. 

Then there’s the other pollution; landscape pollution. From Cooks Hill and Newaukum Hill, I can see the line of windmills in front of Mount Rainier. Quite ironic, really, when you look at something that was created by nature millions if not billions of years ago and then man comes along later with his infinite wisdom and basically puts up a middle finger in front of it as if we know better. 

And sadly, during this construction process, a worker was killed. Our most beautiful claim to fame in the region is now a reminder of how “woke” we are. Is this supposed to make us feel good about what a great job we’re doing saving the planet? I used to love to sit and gaze at “my mountain” but now it just makes me sad. And what impact do you think those dozen or so windmills are really having? Not much, so I guess we should line up some more. If everyone had one in their yard it would hardly make a whit of difference in the large scheme of things, but it would sure remind us of how we care about our planet. It’s Mother Nature’s ballpark and we just play in it.


Sheryl Isaacson