Letter to the editor: Do you approve of the federal government making free speech a crime? 


This letter is addressing the currently most dangerous change happening in our country today, the fact that many Americans are agreeing with our Democrat leaders using the nearly unlimited power of the government to attempt to destroy or imprison certain Americans for their constitutionally protected speech, thoughts, ideas, religious beliefs, whistleblower acts, medical decisions or political candidacy.

Dennis Shain’s letter published in the Sept. 2 Chronicle “Shocking political discourse reaches a new level” is an excellent example of a citizen who thinks persons who express objectionable speech should be put in jail. Mr. Shain quotes some objectionable words used by Donald Trump, and Mr. Shain said “I hope to see this employed by his defense in court.”

This letter is about the acceptance by some Americans of current police state tactics. The 91 indictments against Donald Trump, created during his presidential campaign, are not the only examples of this police state activity, only the most egregious. Al Capone was indicted only 23 times. Oh, and Donald Trump received the support of about 75 million Americans in 2020. Are they all stupid?

A few other police state activities involve a response to COVID directives and decisions, scientists with scientific judgments about climate change, religious freedom, unlawful treatment of Jan. 6 demonstrators, and the crime of being a lawyer representing Donald Trump.

Do you approve of our government making free speech that you disagree with a crime? Will they come after you at a later date?


Mike Kimbrel