Letter to the editor: Comic was rude, belittling and insulting 


Can you say “rude,” “derogatory,” “belittling,” “insulting?” 

Well, I’m saying all that and more. No, not the news, but rather a “comic” in your Saturday, Nov. 18, edition. Picture this: two older men having a chat, one in an overcoat and hat, the other slightly overweight and pulling a car jack. No big deal, right? That is, until you read the caption: “Your wife stuck in the bath again?”

Is this OK with you, Chronicle? Did you think this was funny, deserving a chuckle? Well, it’s not OK with me, not funny, no chuckle here. Guess I wonder if you are at all sensitive to this unflattering and offensive message? Guess I wonder if you even care?

May I suggest that you carefully examine and re-evaluate content from “Herman” by Jim Unger. May I also suggest that you have more respect for your readers.


Marilynn Chintella