Letter to the editor: Columnist is wrong about Trump


Chronicle columnist Julie McDonald has swallowed every lie told about President Trump by the media. Many of us haven’t.

As strongly as she believes Jan. 6 was an insurrection, I believe it was nothing of the sort. Democrat leaders used their inaction, their failure to provide police protection to those citizens who rightfully came to the nation’s Capitol to imprison innocent people. Trump was not to blame. How do people like McDonald explain the failure of Pelosi and Biden, their underlings, whoever was in charge, to keep order and prepare for the upset at the capitol they knew was brewing? They knew there’d be trouble so they turned it to their advantage, to set up Trump and any of his followers they could snare in that whole plot.

Video released now shows what I believe to be the truth. I suggest she watch some coverage of Jan. 6 but not on CNN or mainstream media news. There is no coverage of D.C. cops being killed Jan. 6 because none were. However, there is video of uniformed officers opening doors and holding them open for people to enter.

Trump offered enhanced security for Jan. 6, which Democrat leaders refused. There’s written and video proof of that, too. As for the 2020 election, yes, it was compromised. Anyone watching the results roll in, and then suddenly flip from Trump’s winning to 81 million votes for Biden? Ha. He didn’t even campaign because he didn’t have to. Everyone who saw that knew something very wrong was going on election night.

Yes, millions of us believe the 2020 election was stolen. And we’ve been taking it in the shorts ever since they were able to cheat Biden in. Their calculated COVID-19 response, the undocumented immigrants who have been harvested, brought in to attack us from within? Or why else would Biden’s administration let all those single military age men from other countries come right in, bringing with them trafficked people, diseases and drugs? And being given practical immunity in our courts now they’re here committing crimes. These aren’t people fleeing from persecution. They have no families or kids with them, baggage, anything like that because they’re soldiers. Just not U.S. military soldiers. So what does that mean for us American citizens living here? Why are they here?

Inflation is ridiculous. The cost of living here has gone through the roof since Biden slithered in. Benefits are cut to compromised U.S. citizens. How else to pay for all these undocumented they’ve let in?

Democrats blame everything on Trump. If anything good happened while he was president, it was actually leftover from Obama, they assert, and any bad that’s going on now, well, of course Trump is still responsible for that, almost four years later.

I am very tired of the hypocrisy these leftists live by. They expect the rest of us to pretend we believe it, too. Men can be women and women men. It’s their right. We should pay for their surgeries, too. Kids can decide to change their gender, too, to the detriment of parents who don’t encourage that stuff, but a few years later when they take on huge loans for college education, we should believe they’re too young to understand adult decisions and make American taxpayers pay their loans back instead.

Liberals squirm out of taking responsibility for every rotten system they’ve created and foisted off on us. In an honest election, Trump will win by a landslide in November. If there’s a repeat of the dishonest election we saw four years ago, I’m not sure what’s going to happen. There are millions of people who believe like me.

What McDonald sees as rudeness toward her favorite politicians at the GOP convention I see as progress. They’re showing people like Jaime Herrera Beutler what they really think. We’re done with hypocrisy. Trump has so many messes to clean up now, including first and foremost to get these undocumented headed right on back out of here, and secure our country’s border. We can make America great again, but we have to fight like hell now, thanks to all this junk forced down our throats by liberals.


Cheryl Matthiesen