Letter to the Editor: Children of Centralia Deserve a Safe, Clean Place to Swim 


Hi, my name is Anicee Pruitt and I live and work here in Centralia. I have a 10-year-old daughter who wants to swim in the Veterans Memorial Pearl Street Pool. As a parent and citizen of Centralia we owe it to our children and future children of Centralia to have a clean and affordable place for them to swim. 

The splash pad is wonderful for the younger children. During the summer when it is hot the splash pad is overtaken by the old children. If you take your children to Schaefer Park, you have to watch out for broken glass and needles. Rotary Riverside Park has a small area that is easy to access with small children. Both parks you have to be careful of homeless camps. 

I have talked to parents who live here in Centralia and children and teenagers who live here and they would like the pool opened during the summer. It would give families a place to go and meet other families in the community. It would also allow our children to build relationships outside of their normal family and friends. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. 


Anicee Pruitt