Letter to the Editor: Antics of the Left Seem Surreal


Now that I am paying more attention to the injustices around the world, the antics of the Left here seem surreal. I imagine an "awards program" for justice and humanitarian activists:

Bangladeshi activist: I brought food and water to hundreds of thousands of Rohingya chased out of their own country.

Sudanese activist: I got counseling services to refugee children who watched their parents get beheaded with machetes.

Thai activist: I brought attention and the shutdown of a child sex trafficking enterprise.

Russian activist: I protested in 20 below zero weather when Putin tried to poison his political detractor.

Chinese activist: I built and advertised lists of "disappeared" Hong Kong democracy activists.

U.S. activist: I got a company to change the name of a product from "Aunt Jemima" to "Pearl Milling Company."


Jami Lund