Letter to the editor: After $1,702 telephone and internet bill, no one steps up to help


No calls, no letters, just fireweeds and stinging nettles.

I have done everything possible that I can to avert a shutoff of my phone and internet service on Monday, Sept. 18, to no avail.

I received my CenturyLink phone and internet bill on Aug. 28 for $1,702.08. I was floored and almost had a heart attack. I called CenturyLink immediately, and spent three hours and 30 minutes on the phone with them — with no resolution.

I sent complaint letters by certified mail with supporting documents to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), who said they can only file complaints in their database — nothing more; the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), who said they can only send a letter to CenturyLink and give them a 30-day window to respond to me — nothing more; and Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson, whose office said all they can do is send an informal letter asking CenturyLink to contact me in 30-days — nothing more.

CenturyLink admitted that they have a faulty software system that is attaching "Match Maker" (charges 45 cents per minute) automatically onto people's accounts, without their knowledge or consent.

CenturyLink sent a fix-it ticket to their IT department last week to try to resolve the glitch. They told me that their IT department has 10 business days to look into the problem to try to fix the software glitch in their system before they can reverse the charges and reconnect my phone and internet.

CenturyLink's computer system will automatically shut off my internet and landline phone at 7 p.m. on Monday, Swept. 18, for nonpayment of my bill for $1,702.08 and there's nothing I can do about it. God knows I've tried.

The federal and state government agencies do not care about the American people and they do absolutely nothing to protect American consumers. Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson's office is a joke filled with nitwits. Bob Ferguson's office told me that it's not their job to investigate overcharging of phone bills from phone companies.

I can live without phone and internet until this gets resolved. I have plenty of gardening projects and the dogs to keep me busy. But I am mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore.


No calls, no letters

Just fireweeds and stinging nettles

But the moon is mine

Yeah, the moon is mine

Bad news in the papers

Bad news for this sinner's wages

But the moon is mine

Yeah, the moon is mine

Fairground Attraction

— The Moon is Mine


Susan Allen