Letter to the Editor: A Herrera Beutler Primary Win Means a 3rd District Dem Flip


If Jaime Herrera Beutler wins her primary, she will surely be defeated in the general. The numbers are just not there for her. The district will flip into Democrat hands. Southwest Washington’s 3rd District has a similar profile to the Oregon Timber Unity movement that is made up of America First Republicans, independents and Democrats and gives this movement a 60 to 65% majority. Only an America First candidate can defeat a Dem. Via her actions and subsequent censures, everyone knows that Herrera Beutler is not America First. If she wins the primary, she will not pick up enough independent, Democrats or rural crossover votes in the general. Disgusted Republicans will stay home. Herrera Beutler needs to be replaced by a worthy America First candidate that is loyal to and who will truly fight for the working people of the 3rd District.


Cynthia Malkowski

Mercer Island


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"If she wins the primary, she will not pick up enough independent, Democrats or rural crossover votes in the general."

Why would someone who is a Democrat vote for someone who is an extreme conservative as opposed to Beutler? You'd think they'd rather vote for her than a candidate who has called for beheading libs (ie Kent)

Monday, September 27

Cynthia you should keep your King County views in King County.

Tuesday, September 28
Dennis h

Cynthia. Look to your own very messed up county king. Stay out of lewis county

Tuesday, September 28

Good opinion piece, Cynthia. As you can see, we have some real conservative snowflakes down here. Folks don't realize how politics work. Without JHB at the helm in district 3, nothing will be accomplished on the conservative agenda. I think some of our conservatives folks down here are unaware of how politics work. It requires you to work with the otherside (you know, like the forefathers intended). Very real possibility of a Dem flip. Can't wait to see what the poor losers do if that happens. Hang another Don't tread on me flag?

Tuesday, September 28
Cynthia Malkowski

I am doing all that I can across our state to ensure that we do not end up like Oregon that has only 1 Republican Federal Representative and a Dem Super Majority in the State Legislature....effectively giving the state a 1 party tyrannical rule, far more than what exists here in Washington. Therefore, I will involve myself where I can across the state to do what I can to make sure that we at least hold the line here in Washington. IMHO, Herrera will definitely lose to any Dem, as will Heidi St. John.....neither has any cross-over appeal. And these CD-3 results do directly impact me, even though I live in King county.

Tuesday, September 28

Typical of small minded people and small towns, defiant anti-intellectualism.

Wednesday, September 29