Letter: Centralia College Committed to an Environment That Welcomes Free Expression of All Voices, Opinions


Centralia College is committed to student success, academic excellence and supporting our community in an inclusive and equitable learning environment. By that mission, Centralia College affirms its commitment to an environment that welcomes the free expression of all voices and all opinions, and the participation of all Lewis County and south Thurston County residents.

For some careers, understanding and compassion toward diverse populations is critical for success. As a trained substance use disorder counselor, for example, one has to work with a variety of different people, all of whom have different world views. In order to provide effective support to their patients, counselors must understand the experiences and perspectives of others. That is why the diversity class is a requirement in the Substance Use Disorder Professional Program.

There are always differences of opinion, especially in courses that teach different cultural practices, interaction across cultures and world views. The college welcomes all students’ opinions about their classes and the curriculum. Students are invited to connect with the Instruction Office at any time at instructionoffice@centralia.edu to provide feedback on college courses or instructors.


Bob Mohrbacher, EdD

President, Centralia College