John McCroskey Commentary: I’m Almost Starting to Miss the Jimmy Carter Years


I survived President Jimmy Carter and the gas rationing, super high home interest rates, unemployment and weakness on the world stage. Those of us who did can see similarities to what’s happening now, except it’s on steroids.

At least back then we knew which bathroom to use. Our elected officials may not have agreed but they weren’t reckless with their language and calling names as they are now. There was a certain decorum, at least in public, that isn’t in sight anymore.

No rational person, let alone federal elected officials, was calling for the abolition of the police, elimination of the jails and prisons or accepting lawlessness as they are now. Today, we have “progressive” Democrats calling for violence and illegal activity, from illegally occupying empty houses to harassing United States Supreme Court justices.

And the endless liberal and mostly unjustified criticism of law enforcement has reaped what any rational thinking person would have expected; a severe shortage and lack of qualified law enforcement candidates, high and violent crime in most major cities in the U.S., including Seattle, and no accountability to the thugs doing it.

Plus, they have politicized federal law enforcement and the Department of Justice against their political enemies.

When COVID-19 hit, we were told extreme efforts were necessary to save us, so we let them shut down the economy and us for almost two years and said they’d follow the science. Sure they did. As more information comes out about side effects — and they can be significant — we continue to punish those who won’t get jabbed even though many don’t need it and the shot remains experimental in many ways. Many lost their jobs.

Meanwhile, when side effects happen, no one is liable for that. “Too bad,” they say, so it’s no wonder big pharma is getting rich — there's no risk. Ever wonder who else is getting rich?

But back to Jimmy Carter: at least he was alert and conscious and simply made bad decisions. I know rationing then was a result of an Arab oil embargo. But today, our high gas and inflation were imposed on us using the time-tested method of printing and spending money we don’t have on things like exporting abortion and atheism, while killing our own energy sources so we could once again be dependent on other countries, who are not our friends.

We sold our strategic oil reserves, which is the oil we need to protect us in case of war, to China supposedly as a way to reduce the cost of gas at the pump for us. Of course the excuse for selling to China was “that’s the law” rings hollow if those knotheads in Washington, D.C., really cared about what’s happening to us. They could change the law in minutes if they could just stop concentrating on forcing schools to teach little children about all kinds of sex, gender and other crap on the threat of losing their federal lunch money.

And if they’d stop listening to eco-nuts.

I was watching something the other day and it was about a new battery-powered car. The presenter was so proud of this and described where the battery was located in the car. Someone finally asked the question I do when I hear this nonsense; how do you charge it?

She didn’t miss a beat and said, “You just plug it in.” He asked where that power came from and she replied, “The building outlet of course.” No, where does the outlet get power? She didn’t know and she seemed pretty intelligent. In her case, the reporter found it was powered by a coal-fired power plant somewhere in the region.

So if they have their way and force us into electric cars, where is the power coming from to charge all of them? We’re short of power in the grid now with brownouts.

And that is the crux of the matter to me. They don’t follow the science on gender. They didn’t, aren’t and likely won’t follow the science on COVID-19 and now monkeypox (politicians would have to give up power and control) and they aren’t on the climate either.


John McCroskey was Lewis County sheriff from 1995 to 2005. He lives outside Chehalis and can be contacted at