In loving memory of Sterling M. Powell: 1956-2024


Sterling Powell was born in Cedar Falls, Iowa in 1956. He lived for several years in Colorado, relocated in 2006 to Southwest Washington, and finally cashed out his chips in Winlock, Washington after a lucky winning streak in early 2024.

Sterling is survived by family members Heather (Chris) Ocampo, Ava Kant, Donna (Glen) Jones, Darwin (Pam) Moore, Jill (Dean) Powell, Steve (Michelle) Whitney, Michelle (Tim) Watkins, Gayle (Sharon) Parsons, a number of cherished cousins/nephews/nieces/great-nieces, wife Carolynn Powell, all his best friends, bandmates, chess partners, poker pals, bowling buddies, friends at Tae Kwon Do, animal lovers, movie buffs, avid readers, fellow jokesters, Broncos fans, and beloved co-workers and K-12 students at all five schools (in Fraser, Granby, and Chehalis) over a 25-year custodial career.

Celebrations of Sterling's life will be arranged by family and friends in Washington, Iowa, and Colorado this summer.