In Formal Proclamation, Winlock Council Says Inslee Has Narcissistic Personality Disorder

‘Sincere Belief’ of Mayor: ‘Foolish and Childish Behavior Really Speaks for Itself,’ Says Governor’s Office


Winlock formalized its critique of Gov. Jay Inslee this week, passing a proclamation detailing Mayor Brandon Svenson’s “sincere belief” that the Democratic governor requires a “professional medical intervention” for narcissistic personality disorder and is “undoubtedly unfit for office in his current mental status.”

The document — approved by all present city council members on Monday — resembles those recently passed in the town of Mossyrock, 30 minutes away. Those pandemic-era proclamations declared the city would “not recognize” COVID mandates imposed by the state and decried “vaccine segregation.” 

But Winlock’s proclamation is more creative in its resistance to Inslee, listing symptoms of the personality disorder, including “inflated sense of self-importance, expecting special treatment, exaggerating achievements, reacting negatively to criticism.” 

It goes on to say the city of about 1,800 “will not comply with any and all illegal and or unconstitutional mandates, orders or requirements.”

When asked about the proclamation, Inslee spokesman Mike Faulk said the people of Winlock “deserve better leadership.”

“This foolish and childlike behavior really speaks for itself. They wasted taxpayers’ time passing something that does not advance any ideas or solutions to the COVID crisis in our state or in their community,” he said in an email. “It’s even worse that they would trivialize people’s medical wellbeing in the middle of a deadly pandemic.”

While no council members voted against the resolution, one highlighted his own lack of medical expertise to diagnose someone with a personality disorder. To that, Svenson — who also lacks medical expertise, instead listing a background in construction and management during his 2019 campaign for city council — reminded his colleagues that the proclamation is a statement from the mayor, not the council.

Before reading it aloud, Svenson took aim at new vaccine requirements, which now extend to all state workers and contractors, health care and long-term care workers, and school staffers. 

Recent mandates have been handed down amid Washington’s largest-ever COVID-19 spike that’s leaving hospitals stretched to their limits caring for COVID-19 patients, mostly unvaccinated. Inslee has paired new requirements with frustration that a portion of eligible Washingtonians — now about 25% — still haven’t gotten a shot. 

The new proclamation is in line with previous efforts by Svenson, who has distinguished himself as a staunch conservative and earlier this year called the all-Republican Board of County Commissioners “RINOs.”

The mayor, who also serves as the chair of the Lewis County Republican Party, made waves this year in refusing to wear a mask to county meetings, in one instance forcing the cancelation of a meeting of local mayors and in another opting to protest outside instead of attending.

More recently, Svenson has waved anti-vaccine and anti-mask signs at local rallies.

Svenson did not immediately respond to The Chronicle’s requests for comment. 

City proclamations against the state’s health measures and requirements haven’t held water or superseded state law, and new vaccine mandates are intended to be enforced by state officials and employers, not cities.


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Svenson is a crackpot with an apparent ability to incite his fellow crackpots into making em·bar·rass·ing proclamations. The level of stupidity around these parts is laughable. I wonder if the council chugged a tube of Ivermectin with a chaser of Lysol before making their proclamation? Sure seems like it.

A whole new kind of dumb...


Tuesday, September 14

Winlock: Home to the World's Largest Self Sustaining Echo Chamber.

Think about the time and taxpayer money wasted on this proclamation.....

Maybe put some of those resources into something that does tangible good for your community instead of casting stones.

Tuesday, September 14

Svenson is such a joke to Lewis County and his personal agenda is sickening. Come on..grow up and wear a mask to protect others around you and stop being so selfish. I feel bad for the citizens in Winlock as this clown isn't fit to run a city. This guy is a liability and I cannot believe he was elected.

Tuesday, September 14

Good for them! Hopefully there will be more official opposition to His Majesty in the future.

Tuesday, September 14

Lewis Co needs to wake up and elect professional leaders and not these cow pasture yocals.

Tuesday, September 14
Bill Serrahn

What's with these Lewis County small towns that all of the town councils have been hijacked by right wing nutbags? I can't believe they would make a formal proclamation about the Governor like that. They must be nuts and Svenson is the guy with the personality disorder.

Tuesday, September 14

What a characteristically puerile stunt.

So, this the kind of governance today's Republicans offer.

Just wait: the tiny local rag will devote its front page to gushing orgasms of editorial praise for this heroic council.

Wash your hands - it's kind of yucky.

Tuesday, September 14

I like how the people posting the comments don't care about the damage Inslee has done to the state, and instead they are just trying to protect Inslee. What is it about Inslee that anyone can admire? Mr. 1% for President. Mr. "I only lost $600 million + to a Nigerian Fraud Scheme and I gave the employee in charge a raise and ultimately a promotion." Really, who can defend that clown? His mental health problems are causing great harm to the rest of the state...

Tuesday, September 14

The Republican party is reeling from the loss of perhaps the most dangerous man alive, former President Trump. Exposed and disgraced as a twice impeached one term president, his legacy is glaringly apparent: LOSER. But this reality is only revealed to those whose eyes can see. There are those like

Mayor Svenson and the pillow guy who can't see the forest for the trees. These guys are dumb as a box of rocks. Perhaps the voters in Winlock should wake up and elect someone with a half a brain next time. And what's up with the exemption for people based upon their religious belief? What does a belief have to do with protecting other people from an infectious disease. Unless your a suicidal jihadist with an immediate martyrdom awaiting, you should get vaccinated. Come on people. Listen to the real experts, not your small town mayor. Not your clergy. The scientists and doctors who've studied long and hard in a particular area of expertise. They are the one's you should be listening to.

Tuesday, September 14

Ah, my youngcontrian, you will have to change your name to "justawokester" or perhaps "Ifollowthecrowd" or something along those lines.

But some words of advice - don't place your fate in the clowns who run this state. They are not too bright and are rarely right. They enjoy the circus and taking your cash, but when you need them, you are sure to be last. They work for the grant grifters and wokesters for sure, but their corruption and incompetence is epically pure.

They encourage the suckers to defend everything they do, but they keep grifting the cash and will leave them behind too.

They can't run a state agency to save their lives. They will gamble with yours and continue to trash the state.

Their idea of keeping the environment clean is dumping massive toxic waste piles at the Department of Ecology property and Percival Creek too. They thought it was fun to lose $1 billion dollars to a Nigerian Fraud Scheme and let 6 blocks of Seattle become it's own little hell - after two murders they finally relented. The stupidity displayed and the incompetence accepted is viewed as a challenge which they hope to eclipse with more stupidity and chaos in the future.

Tuesday, September 14

It seems to me most of the negative comments are from liberal sheepeople that have had to much Kool Aid....put down the pitcher and open your eyes!!!

Tuesday, September 14

Oddly none of you haters had any problems saying the same things about Trumps mental capacities, and Inslee is far worse than Trump in that mental arena. Brandon is spot on. You’re free to wear your masks just as you’re free to get your warp speed Trump Vaccines & boosters.

And maybe the Chronicle should stop deleting comments that support Brandon?

Wednesday, September 15
Jon Coulter.

It's going to be Lynnwood all over again. Developers slobber over such as Winlock. Close to I5, easy to build on terrain, it will be a suburb of Vancouver soon enough. Sooner, with such hillbillies running the government. They will never know what hit them when the Seattle lawyers get to work on them

Wednesday, September 15
That Guy

Claudia Yaw, using journalism as a tool for change in not journalism. It is pudency.

Wednesday, September 15

More flag ceremonies!

Wednesday, September 15

A recent study defines narcissism as "a personality trait characterized by an exaggerated sense of self-importance and an absence of empathy." It found this trait to be strongly linked to support for Trump. It concluded the insecurity that characterizes narcissism "leads people toward worldviews that accentuate power and control, like right-wing authoritarianism."

Experts-- you gotta love 'em! As if we didn't know this already! Yet the study serves to remind us of a dangerous mindset held by too many Lewis Co. residents. This mindset shows itself in Winlock leaders' preoccupation with state politics, over which they have little influence and zero authority. The danger is that, with their minds on everything but town business, Winlock suffers from a vacuum of governance. This vacuum especially extends to the % of Winlock citizens who do not subscribe to the R-W worldview and thus go without empathy and representation in Winlockian politics.

Wednesday, September 15

You are spot on inslee is a tyrant his power went to his head. Which is devoid of any common sense. I support your stance. For you libtards read 1984 and get educated with what the left are doing. All they want is power over all.

Wednesday, September 15
punctuation and grammer

there are so many runon sententances, spelling errors, lack of punctuation in the correct place and poor grammer in the winlock council supporters responses it is really hard to follow there twisted responses that are like a rotating sushi bar of disinformation and outlandish unedcuted responses I can't believe the bully mindset and loudmouth attributes that seem to perpetuate the comments by these people Same people who voted for Trump Culp support snaza Swope and all the other idots illected to represent us with overinflated egos and opinions the same people supprot this new Kent joker who is anothr loud mouth blowheart Yes my bad grammer, lack of punctuation and run on sentances is intentional

Wednesday, September 15

Framer. You are decently a uneducated libtards like the rest of the left. Read about history look what happens. Waite you can't spell or read. I can't spell but I am a freedom supporter

Wednesday, September 15
Concerned conservative

I am deeply concerned by the actions of leadership, both Republican and Democrat, in the state and local levels of every state. And the subsequent mudslinging that follows in just about every comment thread I read. We have lost the ability to have an intelligent conversation in this country. Everyone is so blinded by personal conviction that the concept they might be wrong or there might be more than one solution or answer just doesn't even cross their mind. We better figure out how to have rational debate and come up with solutions instead of fighting all the time. And we'd better do it quick. Or we're in big trouble.

I actually don't disagree with this mayor's assumption. I am not a medical professional, but I've researched the issue quite a bit in dealing with my own mental health journey, and he is not incorrect in stating that Mr Inslee does demonstrate many of the traits commonly associated with narcissism. And it's really easy to defend the governor, when you agree with the things that he's doing. Like it or not, many of these actions, restrictions, and mandates, have a very real negative effect on many residents of this state. So it's not surprising, that many are against them, considering the level of trust or lack thereof they have in current politicians to deliver truthful statements about this virus and the dangers it presents. On the flip side, one can easily see how people would trust institutions and organizations that are supposed to be for our good and for our benefit, and how they would resent those who are seemingly disobedient to what these organizations are recommending.

The fact is, we really can't trust most of these organizations anymore. Why, you ask ?The simple answer is money. There is just too much corruption at every level. People don't want to admit it because we live in America, where democracy is supposed to be untarnishable. But we are taking recommendations from organizations run by people we did not elect. I hate to use conspiracy words, but that is exactly what the deep state is. When our lives are being influenced by appointees that cannot be voted out of office. People that were probably appointed by politicians who are far removed from the office they were elected to hold. Fauci has been the head of the NIH for FORTY YEARS. And we still have no cure for HIV. No cure for the flu. The emails that were leaked were quite damning. He had every opportunity to defend himself and prove the doubters wrong. He chose not to show up to the fact finding hearing called for by elected members of Congress. If you and I were summoned to such an hearing, I would imagine we would be "strongly encouraged" to appear before our accusers. And the conference call transcript that would have shed much light on the subject was redacted. The whole call. Every single word. A call involving Fauci, and his close circle, right about the time that the first questions were being raised about the small genome print noticed by epidemiologists to seem engineered.

How long are we going to allow these cronies in Washington to make fools of us? We live in an age of (mis)information. Congressional hearings are public record. Look it up. I am not anti vaxx. My kids all have their immunizations up to date. But how can one not see the improprieties and inconsistencies in all of this? There are multiple lawsuits being filed against the WHO by countries around the world over their spreading of false information and hinderance of doctors worldwide to access and administer safe and effective treatments to covid patients. People are dying needlessly. All while Fauci, and countless others are getting filthy rich. This isn't about population control. It's about money. Greed is the root of all evil. And as long we continue to squabble amongst ourselves over race, class, religion, and now vaccination status, they have us distracted. It's not a conspiracy theory, if it's the truth. Then it's just facts. But most of us are only interested in the truth, if it fits our narrative.

Some info to research, if you don't agree. Look into the program implemented by Mexico City, the fifth most populous city on the planet. Or similar ones in India, where they are packed together like sardines. Research the price of a dose of Remdesivir at the beginning of the pandemic ( about $125) and now ($3200). Coincidentally the only drug approved by the fda to treat covid. And it's only effective in late stages. AFTER hospitalization. The FDA put out notices that they couldn't trust doctors to perscribe elevated levels of VITAMIN D to their patients. Uhhhhh.... Don't they have MEDICAL DEGREES? You mean to tell me that doctors aren't capable of looking at a patients medical history and determining whether or not a patient could benefit from VITAMIN D????? We will see, soon enough, if these organizations are trustworthy. History tells us, the odds are they are not.

Oh. And pay attention to the amount of RNs and the like that walk off the job over this mandate. I suppose they are probably better qualified to make an educated decision on whether or not the risks outweigh the rewards, don't you think?

Wednesday, September 15
Jennifer Wedt

Where I came from you had to sign your name to anything you submitted for print. I wonder if all the preceeding writers would dare sign their names. If you wrote it. Be proud of it! Otherwise non of you have anything of importance to say. And what you "wrote" is not worth the paper it is printed on. Hmm I like what I just said.

Truly when you call people names you all are showing you childishness and ignorance.

Sign your names. I double dare you! Jennifer L West. Centralia. WA

Wednesday, September 15
Jennifer West

Where I came from you had to sign your name to anything you submitted for print. I wonder if all the preceeding writers would dare sign their names. If you wrote it, be proud of it! OWN it! Otherwise non of you have anything of importance to say. And what you "wrote" is not worth the paper it is printed on. Hmm I like what I just said.

Truly when you call people names you all are showing your childishness and ignorance.

Sign your names. I double dare you! Jennifer L West, Centralia. WA

Wednesday, September 15

Were I come from, the people are redundant and have trouble correctly spelling their own surnames!

Thursday, September 16

It appears that some of the audience members comments on here seem "sheepish".

not one comment or a plan for or about treatments available to combat this man made virus from our glorious tyrant in Olympia.

His solution is to jab everyone with a needle and call it "safe and affective" . In countries all over the world were their populations have a higher vaccination rate are experiencing a higher infection rate and deaths than countries who are using treatments to combat this.

3rd world countries are doing better than we are.

Look at the "African model" numbers dont lie

Thursday, September 16
LL Hauer

Attention, people of good faith, people who choose not to automatically hate those with different political views, people with a spirit of public service, people who (like me) miss the old days when politics very boring because it was about policy and concrete measures to get work done to benefit regular Americans –-- please run for local political office. That is the only way for us to shift the political stream away from continual outrage toward more productive uses of our elected officials time.

We need alternatives when the next election cycle comes around.

Thursday, September 16
Thalia Melpomene

Yeah, what LL Hauer said.

Jennifer L West, Centralia. WA-- you must be a politician. Get your name out there and say nothing risky.

Thursday, September 16
Booo hooooo

Did we all forget the "Summer of Love" already... This is what some of you are ok with?? Did you forget the Nigerian Government ended up with millions of dollars. Did you forget Inslee actually deemed business essential and non essential? He labeled you. And now its vaxed against unvaxed. Always pitting us against each other. And some of you cant get over Trump, insisting he is still the problem. HES NOT IN OFFICE.

Did you forget that we have the most popular president of all time, who sniffs kids like they are a fruity pebble scratch n sniff sticker. His son is cracked out facetiming hookers in his hello kitty underoos. The leader of the free world cant say his ABC's and some of you are worried about a vaccine? You should be pissed off that illegal immigrant's don't have to take it, and some of you are loosing your job because you wont. I think most you are pissed off because the majority of people are not following along with your wishes. Well boooo hoooooo go sell crazy somewhere else. Nobody is falling for your shenanigan's.

Thursday, September 16

Some of these comments are so over the top, and uninformed, I'm actually embarrassed for those posters. Mark Twain said "it's better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt".

To those that rail against this city council action, were you there? How do you know if the council addressed items on their agenda, or not? To suggest malfeasance without anything to back it up is not only wrong, but foolish.This mayor and city council recognize the need for people to begin to recognize and take a stand against the ever encroaching authoritarianism of tyrants and big government. If not us, then who?

Friday, September 17