In Focus: Rededication at Centralia Masonic Temple Provides Look Inside


The Centralia Masonic Temple has reached the century mark. The Masonic Organization still owns the Centralia Masonic Temple and Freemasons continue to meet in the third-floor Lodge Room. On Saturday, area Freemasons gathered to rededicate the cornerstone of the temple. The Centralia Masonic Temple is located at North Pearl and Magnolia streets in the historic district of Centralia. The ceremony took place by the temple’s Magnolia Street entrance. “The laying of the cornerstone is an enduring American tradition,” said local Lodge Master Bill Scarbrough in a press release before the event. “It originated with Benjamin Franklin’s dedication of the Pennsylvania State House. Perhaps the most famous of all was when George Washington laid the cornerstone for the U.S. Capitol Building. The ceremony is still performed at public buildings throughout the country, including many in Washington state.”  The building’s cornerstone was first dedicated on July 7, 1922, by Grand Master James McCormack.