Honk Your Horn to Celebrate Napavine Grad’s 100th Birthday


Napavine High School grad Reinold Leonard Krause is celebrating his 100th trip around the sun Monday, Dec. 28. While Krause’s family will be celebrating with an intimate gathering, drivers near Highway 603 and St. Michelle Avenue (cross street Rosa Court) are encouraged to honk their horns to join the birthday celebration as they pass by the house decked out in balloons and a banner.

“Reinold is a veteran of WWII and is really looking forward to his birthday this year!” wrote Christie Krause.

Reinold Krause was born in Alberta, Canada, and attended first grade through high school in Southwest Washington. The veteran was a carpenter for 50 years, was self-employed in home improvement, and served for 17 years as a Navy Seabee in the United States Naval Construction Battalion. At almost 100 years old, he still does his own yard work, and enjoys bowling, watching golf, and catching Seahawks games.

His wife, Bettye Stonex Krause, passed away in 2009.

His children and their spouses include Cindy Rowe in Thurston County, Leonard Krause in Lewis County, and Christie Krause, who lives in California.