Hit-and-Run Victim Follows Perpetrator After Collision Near Maytown, Helps Police Make Arrest


A white truck reportedly hit the side of another car Wednesday night on I-5 near Maytown, then quickly sped off — but the other car's driver stayed on his tail.

Washington State Patrol was notified of the incident by 911 dispatchers about 11 p.m. and began looking for the truck as it drove north on Interstate 5.

WSP was helped by the driver of the struck vehicle, who followed the truck for 11 miles, from Maytown to Olympia. The driver flashed their vehicle's lights at troopers to point out which truck had hit them earlier, WSP trooper Robert Reyer said.

Because of the driver's identification, troopers say they had probable cause to pull the truck over for the hit-and-run. When they stopped the vehicle and assessed the driver, they determined he was intoxicated.

Without having probable cause to pull the driver over for the hit-and-run, WSP may not have been able to stop the driver, because, Reyer said, new state laws prohibit police from detaining suspects unless they have probable cause to do so.

The driver of the truck was arrested on suspicion of hit-and-run and driving under the influence, and the charges were sent to the Thurston County Prosecutor's Office. The man was released that night after his truck was towed and impounded.