Heartwood Haven rescues 10 pigs from lab


Over the weekend, Heartwood Haven announced the rescue of 10 pigs from a biomedical research laboratory, stating that rescuers liberated them from cruel biomedical experiments.

“At Heartwood Haven, we believe that every life matters, and these rescued pigs will now have the opportunity to experience kindness and compassion after their challenging past.” Kate Tsyrklevich, co-founder and director of Heartwood Haven, said. “Our mission is to be a sanctuary for those who cannot speak for themselves. The rescue of these Gottingen pigs is a poignant reminder of the importance of our work in the fight against animal cruelty.”

The Roy-based sanctuary said tens of thousands of pigs worldwide endure cruel tests in research labs before meeting their end through euthanasia. Pigs, the second closest genetic relatives to humans, are extensively utilized due to their genetic, physiological, morphological and behavioral similarities. The Gottingen pigs, the smallest in the world, weighing only 75 pounds fully grown, are particularly favored in medical testing for their convenient size and reduced drug requirements.

The rescued Gottingen pigs from the research laboratory are set to undergo extensive rehabilitation at Heartwood Haven, where they will receive comprehensive medical care and proper nutrition, along with love and attention from the caregivers.

Heartwood Haven, a non-profit animal sanctuary in Roy, was founded in 2017. Committed to rescuing animals from cruelty and neglect, the sanctuary has successfully rescued over 1,600 animals since its inception, according to its website.

Heartwood Haven is a non-profit organization that relies on donations and community support to care for the animals under its wing. For more info, go to www.heartwoodhaven.org.