Grenade-Holding Man Shot Dead in Pierce County Friday


A man who was shot and killed by police after reportedly carrying a grenade Friday morning had made threats to shoot up the bar where he worked after he was fired the day before, police say. The man was not named, but he was described as an adult white male in his mid-20's, police said.

Around 9 a.m. Friday Pierce County Sheriff's deputies were dispatched to a business in Parkland, following reports that a former employee was there making threats to shoot up the bar and its employees, according to a press release from the Pierce County Sheriff's Department.

The man had already left before police arrived, but probable cause was established for felony harassment/threats, police said.

Just before 10 a.m. police spotted the man on train tracks east of a high school near Parkland and attempted to make contact, but he continued to walk away and was approaching two schools that were in session, according to the press release. Franklin Pierce High School and Ford Middle School were put on modified lock down.

At some point the man produced what appeared to be a hand grenade and pulled the pin, keeping the grenade in his hand, police said.

"Attempts to stop him using less lethal projectiles were not successful at which time the suspect produced a handgun. It was at this time that a Deputy involved shooting occurred," police said.

An explosive response team arrived to render the grenade safe and allow medics to render aid to the man, but he was declared dead at the scene, police said.

The Pierce County Force Investigative Team will conduct an ongoing investigation with weekly public updates, police said.