Good Health Nutrition: 'Gatekeeper for People's Health'


From the stores you walk into, to the products you buy, shopping is all about making choices. And if your current large box retailers aren’t providing you with the best products or the best customer service, maybe it’s time to consider choosing a local store.

Since opening the doors to the Good Health Nutrition Center in Centralia almost 30 years ago, owner Julie Shaffley has been on a mission to help her customers. “I consider myself the gatekeeper for people’s health,” said Shaffley, whose store focuses on high-quality vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients your body needs as well as fresh organic produce.

In a traditional grocery store, there is an overwhelming selection of supplements, but you are standing there among the many choices without an expert to answer your questions before you buy.

“Consumers are plagued with many questions about what supplements they should take,” said Shaffley. “They want to know if they should take one or two and which one? Which brands should they trust? We cannot diagnose or prescribe, but we can provide information about products and provide the scientific studies behind their efficacy.”

One of the biggest concerns that her consumers have about buying supplements is their safety. “I would never bring a product into the store that I wouldn’t take myself or recommend to friends or family,” said Shaffley. “If the product we recommend does not work or do what you anticipated, you can return it to get your full money back, because there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all product.”

When it comes to produce, Good Health Nutrition only provides fresh, organic, and non-GMO produce all the time. The store offers organic tea, locally sourced meats and produce, sugar alternatives, gluten-free items, ketogenic products, dried fruits and raw nuts and more. Good Health Nutrition also has various types of powdered, liquid, organic, and non-GMO protein that you can choose from.

“If you are on a dietary restriction and need help finding particular ingredients, we can order them in a matter of days, which the larger boxed stores cannot do as quickly,” she said.

In the digital age, one bad experience and a customer is apt to share that experience on social media. A bad Tweet here or a negative Yelp comment there and a business can suffer. Shaffley won’t have that. “We listen to our customers,” she said. “We do what is best for our customers, not for us, and we are concerned about each of their individual needs and health.”

It might seem easy to just walk through the big boxed stores, but remember that you have a choice as to where you can shop. Consider visiting other local stores. You might find that they offer more items to your liking and provide better customer service than you’re used to.

Consider visiting other local stores such as Good Health Nutrition.


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