FedEx Mistakenly Delivered 30 Rifles to High School, Police Said


PHILADELPHIA — A FedEx worker accidentally delivered 30 rifles intended for a private collector to Chester High School in suburban Philadelphia on Friday, according to Chester Police.

The delivery — six boxes containing .30 caliber M1 rifles — was dropped off Friday afternoon, Chester Police Commissioner Steven Gretsky said. Within minutes, the driver realized his mistake and contacted police, who were able to pick the guns up Monday and give them to their intended recipient.

“It really was just an honest mistake; the addresses are very similar,” Gretsky said. “Everything was legitimate, and no charges are going to be filed.”

The guns had been ordered by a collector who owns an auto-repair shop in Chester Township, which borders the city, Gretsky said.

Community members learned of the error Monday evening, when Chester Upland School District Superintendent Craig Parkinson sent a letter to parents outlining the issue. Classes are scheduled to resume in the 2,621-student district on Monday.

Parkinson said the boxes were delivered to the school’s loading dock and secured inside the building over the weekend, the standard practice for any delivery. The boxes did not appear to be suspicious, Parkinson said.

“We wanted to communicate with you about this in case you hear rumors in the community or on social media,” Parkinson said in the letter. “We are focused on a positive start to the school year and can’t wait to see you and our students back in our schools!”