FAA Receives Report of Laser Striking Plane near Chehalis-Centralia Airport


The Federal Aviation Administration received a report Wednesday night of a green laser hitting a plane near Chehalis-Centralia Airport.

A Cessna 172 was executing a missed approach at Runway 16 when it was hit with a bright green laser that appeared to be directly below the plane, according to Allen Kenitzer, regional public affairs manager for the FAA.

The pilot reported the incident to FAA air traffic personnel, Kenitzer said. No injuries were reported.

The FAA reported the incident to the Chehalis Police Department at 5:49 p.m. Wednesday, advising that the incident occurred about 6.5 miles south of the airport, in the area of Pleasant Valley and Berry roads. The plane was traveling at 3900 feet.

A deputy from the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office responded, but did not find the source of the laser.

Aiming a laser at an aircraft is a violation of federal law and presents a safety risk to pilots, according to the FAA.