East Grays Harbor Firefighter Union Raises Allegations Against New Chehalis Fire Chief


While the City of Chehalis may have celebrated the hiring of its new fire chief Adam Fulbright earlier this month, members of the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) Local 4075 union — which represents many firefighters at East Grays Harbor Fire and Rescue (EGHFR) where Fulbright was previously chief — have gone public with allegations raised in the past they feel were brushed aside. 

In a letter posted to the IAFF Local 4075’s Facebook page on June 15, allegations were made public against Fulbright. The union alleged Fulbright created a hostile work environment at EGHFR during his tenure as chief by engaging in name calling, limiting training opportunities and inconsistently handing out disciplinary actions against the firefighters under his command. 

The name calling included an obscene name that is sexual in nature, directed at a group of firefighters who were mostly female, according to another letter received by The Chronicle from a source who wished to remain anonymous out of fear of retaliation.

Union members brought up their concerns to the EGHFR board of commissioners, but the commissioners mostly ignored them, even after signed letters were sent to them, the Facebook post claimed.

According to the post, many of those who signed the letters faced immediate disciplinary actions, including being placed on administrative leave, being put on notice of a formal investigation and one firefighter being fired “without just cause.”

“At no time was (Fulbright) placed on administrative leave, and many of the fire commissioners publicly voiced support for the fire chief,” stated the June 15 Facebook post. 

Later, the post added, “the chief, who faced no disciplinary action, was able to find employment elsewhere and spent time working for two departments simultaneously all while continuing wreaking havoc on members of L4075. We don’t use these words lightly.”

The Chronicle reached out to Fulbright, and while he declined to comment directly, he wrote in an email that an independent investigation was conducted into the allegations under direction from EGHFR commissioners.

“After a five-month investigative process, the allegations were deemed unfounded,” Fulbright wrote. “The board of commissioners reported in April 2023, ‘I am announcing that the independent investigator has completed his investigation. He did not find any wrongdoing, so we consider this matter to be closed,’ (EGHFR Commissioner and Board Chairman Dave Hauge).”

The Chronicle also reached out to all five EGHFR commissioners, and in an email response, Hauge simply said, “on advice from legal council, I am issuing ‘no comment.’”

Additionally, a copy of the independent investigator’s report on IAFF Local 4075’s allegations was requested, but had not been received yet. 

The Chronicle has filed a public records request with EGHFR to obtain the report. 

To view the IAFF Local 4075’s letter, visit https://tinyurl.com/4kbfk3yz.