County Commissioners Approve Use of Eminent Domain on Three Projects if Needed


The Lewis County Board of County Commissioners authorized the acquisition of property under the threat of eminent domain if deemed necessary at its Monday meeting.

The acquisition of property would affect six property owners located in three different areas.

The first project is on Lincoln Creek Road, west of Centralia, where slide repairs are needed after subsurface ground movement. The project will require additional right of way from two property owners. 

The second area is west of Pe Ell at the Rock Creek Road bridge, which requires scour repair due to erosion. The project will require additional right of way from three property owners.

The third area where eminent domain may be used is a project at Senn Road Bridge at mile marker .89 at Lucas Creek and the adjacent roadway. Scour repair work is needed in the area, and the repair project requires additional right of way from one property owner, according to the county. 

The approved resolutions instruct the county engineer to acquire right of way from the property owners for the project. The acquisition would be in accordance with adopted procedures, and under eminent domain authority. 

The move does not mean eminent domain will be used. Instead, it gives the county authority to use eminent domain later on if necessary. 

Tim Elsea, public works director for the county, said the resolutions preserve the landowners’ rights in negotiations and ensures the county follows federally mandated guidelines for right of way acquisition. 


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