Chehalis Man Charged for Domestic Violence After Allegedly Breaking Into Residence, Strangling Man on Sunday


A Chehalis man is facing multiple domestic violence charges after he allegedly broke into a Chehalis residence, shoved a woman and a 16-year-old girl into a wall and picked up a man by the neck on Sunday.

The defendant is not being named by The Chronicle in order to protect the identity of the alleged victims.

According to the victims, the 16-year-old was shaving in the bathroom when the defendant suddenly entered and started urinating in the toilet, according to court documents. The 16-year-old reportedly told him to leave and the other two people in the house got involved. The defendant is accused of shoving the woman into a wall when she confronted him, then shoving the 16-year-old into the wall when she subsequently confronted him, according to court documents. The man then got involved and the defendant allegedly “grabbed him by his neck and picked him up,” restricting his breathing, according to court documents.

Responding police officers found the defendant approximately one block away from the residence where the incident occurred. When police contacted him, the defendant reportedly asked, “Am I going to jail?” according to court documents.

Law enforcement has confirmed there was a court-issued protection order active at the time of the incident that prohibited the defendant from entering the residence or interacting with two of the three alleged victims, including the 16-year-old, according to court documents. He has multiple domestic violence convictions in his record dating back to 2014, the most recent of which were fourth-degree assault and no-contact order violations from 2021.

The defendant was in custody at the Lewis County Jail on $150,000 bail as of Wednesday.