Chehalis Approves Additional $109,820 Contract for $1.48 Million Airport Fuel Storage Project


An additional construction services contract for $109,820 was added to the City of Chehalis Above-Ground Fuel Storage Project by the city council at its Monday meeting.

The Chehalis-Centralia Airport project, which will cost a total of $1.48 million by its completion, is designed to mitigate the risk of environmental hazards.

In addition, the fuel capacity of the existing system is low for the quantity of fuel the city sells, which has resulted in occasional fuel shortages at the airport, according to the city. This low capacity could result in the city needing to seek out smaller shipments of fuel at a higher cost.

The project will also reportedly improve the city’s strategic capabilities for emergency response. The work being addressed by the contract — which includes onsite construction observation, cultural resource monitoring, contaminated soils monitoring and project closeout operations — is largely complete.

However, Precision Approach Engineering asked the city to greenlight the retroactive contract to supply resources for the time and materials used to perform the work. The contract was approved by a unanimous vote.