Centralia Virtual Academy Third Trimester Honor Roll


Following are members of the Centralia Virtual Academy third trimester honor roll, which lists students with a grade point average (GPA) between 3.0 and 4.0. 

Students are listed from highest to lowest GPA. Students with the same GPA are listed in alphabetical order.


12th Grade

Christopher Rose, Savanah L. Howell, Lauren R. Fisher, Emma E. Buchanan


11th Grade

Ethan C. Gutierrez, Leslie Gil Cisneros, Alexandro J. Jimenez, Faith Njeri, Brock G. Skovbo


10th Grade

Ava M. Wallace, Zoey A. Arellanes, Sarah D. Leon, Paradise E. Hotchkiss, William J. Boggs, Jaqueline G. Maldonado, Joshua I. Fisher, Danielle N. Taylor


Ninth Grade

Rubin V. Puris, Julyonna Smith, Daisha S. Moch, Kevyn Perez-Quintero