Centralia Foundation Uses Business Partnerships to Collect School Supplies


As the beginning of the school year fast approaches, many families in the area cannot afford to purchase new shoes, clothes and school supplies. 

To help these families and their students, the Centralia Community Foundation has partnered with the law firm Althauser Rayan Abbarno and Dick’s Brewing Company to purchase $1,000 worth of new clothes as part of a supply drive. 

The trio will present the clothes and supplies to the Centralia School District on Friday. 

“The Centralia Foundation believes the future is bright and it comes from the kids,” Foundation Secretary Jonathan Meyer said.

The biggest need is for new shoes, he said. From the $1,000 shopping spree for the students, there are 41 pairs of shoes, 25 pairs of pants, 25 T-shirts, 15 packages of socks and 15 packages of underwear. All are for boys and girls. 

Peter Abbarno, of Althauser Rayan Abbarno, said the drive and fundraising effort will be continuous. Right now, it is focused on back to school supplies. Later in the year when it gets cold and rainy, the focus will shift to boots and coats. 

This is the second year the firm has partnered with the foundation for a school drive, Abbarno said. It was the first year for Dick’s Brewing. He is hoping it will continue to grow to include more community sponsors and partners, even though he said the firm will continue to do it no matter what. 

On Saturday, Sept. 16, Dick’s will host a Cornhole Tournament and Sausage Fest from 3 to 8 p.m. Co-owner Julie Pendleton said the proceeds from the event will go to the foundation and the event itself will help raise awareness about the organization. 

Meyer said he is encouraged by the amount of support the foundation has received from the community and is optimistic about the drive growing. 

“As a kid to see my dad buy my mom a bag of groceries for her birthday, it is nice to see community members to step up,” Meyer said. 

Boxes to donate supplies are located at Walmart, the Centralia Outlets as well as at downtown businesses. Funds and supplies can also be dropped off at Althauser Rayan Abbarno, which is located 114 W. Magnolia St. in Centralia. 

To get involved or donate, contact the Centralia Community Foundation through its website at centraliacf.org.