Centralia College Hosts Cultural Café to Honor International Students


Students involved in Centralia College’s International programs hosted a Cultural Café Thursday afternoon at the TransAlta Commons in Centralia. The event kicked off with a student lead presentation that highlighted celebrations surrounding the Lunar New Year, which officially begins January 25 and last for two weeks in countries across Asia.

“We have international students on our campus, and they all bring their own unique perspectives to the domestic students that are here,” said Lahju Nankani, Director of the International program. “In this day and age it’s all about collectiveness.”

After the presentation, attendees had the opportunity to taste-test food and create traditional crafts that are essential to the Lunar New Year festivities. 

“It’s cool to see the differences between cultures from around the world,” said Mo Mo, an international student from Mali. “We talk about that and bring those cultures into the classroom.”

According to Denise Costello, Assistant Director of the International program, this event specifically was co-hosted between the international network and Centralia College’s Chinese learning classes to bring community members to the campus to learn more about cultural events from different countries around the globe.

The International network is planning a similar event for next quarter to showcase other countries’ unique cultural celebrations.

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