Centralia-based massage therapist launches series teaching safety for health care practitioners


A Centralia-based, licensed massage therapist has launched a new lecture series that aims to safeguard practitioners against inappropriate behavior. 

Kaci Jones, a lifelong Chehalis resident with a massage practice in Centralia, has titled the series the ProHealth Defense course. Jones is the owner and operator of the Keysar Center of Massage.

“Deeply moved by the vulnerabilities within her field and the shocking statistic that one in three massage therapists will encounter assault, Kaci has designed a course that addresses the urgent need for safety and awareness in the holistic healthcare sector,” the release states. “With a background rich in both personal and professional experiences, and driven by stories from peers and high-profile scandals, Kaci's curriculum merges practical skill-building with deep psychological insights.”

The course meets Washington’s Continuing Education Unit requirements. Participants qualify for 16 credits for the two-day series. It empowers massage therapists and estheticians to handle the complexities of their roles effectively, the release states. 

The series will offer training focused on real-life case studies and role-playing scenarios to equip participants to manage situations ranging from aggressive clients to online boundary violations.

According to the release, a significant focus of the ProHealth Defense course is social media safety, teaching practitioners to distinguish between their personal and professional online interactions to prevent predatory behaviors. 

The course extends to health care employers, advising them on crafting protocols to protect clients and the integrity of practices.

“Kaci’s commitment to enhancing the safety of health care environments is also driven by the growth she observes at Centralia College, reinforcing her desire to contribute to the educational progress transforming Lewis County into a prime living area,” the release states. “This course is a proactive step toward a safer future for health care providers, addressing ongoing challenges in the field and ensuring that practitioners are not left vulnerable in their workplaces.”

The ProHealth Defense course is open to all, including unlicensed providers who are often at a higher risk, providing them with self-defense tools and awareness. 

The series is being offered with limited in-person enrollment. There is unlimited streaming access to accommodate a broader audience.

“This course is more than just a learning experience; it's part of a movement toward creating a safer professional environment for all health care providers,” the release stated. “Her vision for the course includes nationwide adoption, starting a podcast to discuss real-life cases and psychological insights, and assisting business owners in fostering safer working conditions.”

Jones can be reached at kaci@practicalselfdefense.com. For more information, visit www.practicalselfdefensefhco.com.