BREAKING NEWS: What’s the Chlorine Stink in Chehalis Water?


    Chehalis residents whose drinking and shower water reeks of chlorine can blame a mysterious malfunction in the Chehalis water reservoir during the recent cold weather.

    “During the cold snap, the main reservoir wasn’t acting the way it should,” Water Superintendent Dave Vasilauskas. “(The cold weather) did something to the water reservoir, but we’re not sure what.”

    The amount of chlorine in the water dropped from its normal levels. Vasilauskas said it’s the opposite of what people whose water smells of chlorine might think, as it would seem that the smell would be caused by higher levels of chlorine, not lower levels.

    Vasilauskas said the water is safe to drink and use.

    Just as quickly as the reservoir was thrown askew, it started working again with no maintenance required.

    The chlorine residuals have worked their way out of the city’s system, but Vasilauskas said it may take a couple days before residents no longer get a pungent odor from their water, as some of the water can still be in water mains and water heaters.


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