Bail set at $250,000 for Centralia rape, unlawful imprisonment suspect 


Bail is set at $250,000 for a man accused of forcing a woman into a Centralia residence and raping her on Nov. 23. 

The victim reported the rape to the Centralia Police Department from Providence Centralia Hospital the same day it occurred. 

According to the victim, she and the defendant, identified as Jose Alexi Orellana Gamez, 28, of Centralia, had an argument inside a residence in the 600 block of M Street the night of Nov. 22. She reportedly left the residence on foot the morning of Nov. 23, at which point Orellana Gamez allegedly “ran after her and dragged her into the house (by) grabbing her wrists.” 

The victim told investigators “she did not scream, but was telling him to just let her go,” according to documents filed in Lewis County Superior Court. 

Orellana Gamez is accused of forcing the victim inside the house, raping her and physically preventing her from leaving for approximately an hour after the rape. 

When Orellana Gamez reportedly agreed to let her leave, he allegedly “asked if she was going to call the police so he could get a good lawyer,” according to court documents. 

When questioned by a Centralia police detective, Orellana Gamez allegedly admitted to preventing the victim from leaving the residence “because it was cold outside and she did not have a vehicle” and allegedly admitted to having “angry sex” with the victim, according to court documents. 

Text messages on Orelanna Gamez’ phone, which he allegedly “tried to give to his brother before the police seizing it,” reportedly showed messages between him and the victim where the victim confronted him “about forcing her to have sex with him,” according to court documents. 

Orelanna Gamez reportedly “had an odor of intoxicating liquor emanating from his breath” during the interview with law enforcement. He allegedly admitted to drinking the night of Nov. 22. 

Lewis County Jail records indicate Orelanna Gamez was booked at 1:16 p.m. on Nov. 23. He was charged in Lewis County Superior Court on Monday, Nov. 27, with one count each of domestic violence second-degree rape and domestic violence unlawful imprisonment. 

The state asked for Judge Joely Yeager to set Orelanna Gamez’s bail at $500,000 on Monday, due to the violent nature of the allegations, and the defense asked for bail to be set no higher than $100,000 due to Orelanna Gamez’ lack of income and lack of felony history. 

“Given the severity of the allegations here, I certainly understand the state’s concerns and requests for high bail; however, given his lack of criminal history as well as his lack of income, I think $250,000 … I think that would be sufficient for him, given the lack of income,” Yeager said during Orelanna Gamez’ preliminary hearing in Lewis County Superior Court on Monday. 

A no-contact order protecting the victim is in place. 

Arraignment is scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 30.