Assistant Principal Named to Top Position at Orin C. Smith Elementary


Assistant Principal Rachel Dorsey was introduced as the new principal of Orin C. Smith Elementary School during a Chehalis School Board meeting Tuesday.

She begins her new role in July.

Dorsey brings 27 years of experience in school leadership positions in Chehalis and Toledo school districts to the job. She said she began her career in education as an instructor in Toledo.

She replaces Brett Ellingson, the first principal of the school, which opened May 2019.

“When my journey began, I did not envision myself in this moment today. Having said that, I’m truly honored to be selected as the principal at Orin C. Smith Elementary,” she told board members. “I believe that my values aligned firmly with the values and morals of the Chehalis School District and Orin C. Smith Elementary, and I look forward to serving staff and the parents, and guiding young people as they enter our doors, in partnership with the community.”

Dorsey has served in the assistant role for the last seven years, according to her LinkedIn. She has a bachelor’s degree in education from Saint Martin’s University and a master’s degree in educational leadership and administration from the University of Washington.