‘All of you are warriors’: Lewis County Sheriff’s Office recognizes deputies, staff

Sheriff Rob Snaza says K9 program returning, honors deputies and jail staff for lifesaving efforts


While highlighting employees’ lifesaving efforts and recognizing long-standing service to their community, the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office honored many of its employees during an annual meeting at Bethel Church on Thursday.

“The men and women that we have here at the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office are exceptional. They have an exceptional work ethic. They’re exceptional individuals. And I cannot tell you how proud we are of each and every one of you,” Sheriff Rob Snaza said. “All of you are warriors.”

Snaza also offered a glimpse of what’s to come from the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office in 2024.

The department’s goals for 2023 included:

• Improving recruitment and retention

• Supporting employee wellness

• Increasing community outreach

• Establishing the east end substation, which could open by the end of spring

• Proactive enforcement

• Rebuilding the K-9 program

The sheriff’s office unveiled one of the newest members to join its ranks, though the four-legged officer is currently finishing training. When K9 Kimbo officially joins the sheriff’s office, he will be trained in both narcotics detection and apprehension.

“These six priorities are things I talked about a year ago, and I can tell you, we’ve met every single one of them,” Snaza said. “But we wouldn’t have met them without all of you helping out.”

During the ceremony, 27 employees and 11 medical staff received recognition for using lifesaving efforts in 2023 to reverse overdoses, which Snaza said has become even more crucial due to the rise of fentanyl across the country.

In 2023, staff reversed 12 overdoses at the Lewis County Jail.

“We’ve had a lot of things happen this last year, (including) a high record number of fentanyl overdoses,” Snaza said. “Today, I learned that Washington state is one of the top in the nation for fentanyl overdoses and deaths.”

The employees recognized for reversing overdoses included:

• Aaron Buda

• Aaron Parypa

• Amber Wilson

• Andrea Lowe

• Andrew Corey

• Becca Snaza

• Blaine Copenhefer

• Brad Garner

• Cameron Steepy

• Chad Foglesong

• Christopher Pirrello

• Colin Mackenzie

• Dave Albright

• Dave Harper

• Dave Rodkey

• Eric West

• Jeff Martin

• Joyce McCoy

• Kelly Palacios

• Kelsey Williams

• Knut Larsen

• Preston McClamery

• Rickey Claxton

• Ron Anderson

• Ryan Melby

• Tim Giese

• Wade Sabin

“I’m sure some of the public think that Narcan is out there, and all you have to do is spray this stuff up somebody’s nose, and they come alive,” Lewis County Jail Chief Chris Sweet said. “There’s a lot more to that. We’ve seen first hand the stress, the teamwork, the effort that our folks take to save 12 people’s lives in 2023.”

Medical staff recognized for their life-saving efforts include:

• Kim Hawk

• Anthony Burleson

• Ashlee Williams

• Jessica Burke

• David Scott

• Kris Coverdell

• Misty McInchak

• Nathan Perry

• Rainey Banick Wood

• Schianne Clark

• Staci Kiessling

“We’re accomplishing many things, and it wouldn’t be without all of you today,” Snaza said. “All of you have put a hand in helping us where we’re at today.”

During the ceremony, Lisa Arthur received the 2023 Support Staff Employee of the Year honor, while Sara Booker-Godsey was also nominated for the award. Andrew Yocom received the 2023 Field Operations Employee of the Year Award, while Blake Teitzel and Matt Schlecht also received nominations for the award.

Teitzel was later recognized with the Field Operations Guardian Award.

Eric West was the third-ranked top performer in corrections, Chris Pirrello ranked second and Kelsey Williams was the top performer in corrections in 2023.

The 2023 Corrections Bureau Employee of the Year was Preston McGlamery, while Andrew Corey, Dave Rodkey and Kelsey Williams were also nominated for the award.

Two support technicians — Alexandria Gallagher and Jennifer Stennick — received certificates of appointment.

Joyce McCoy received a distinguished service medal and also received the Guardian of the Year Award.

Belle Williams was recognized for her retirement from the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office and received a display box that included memorabilia from her service.

Ardith Hamilton received a citizen service medal for 15 years of volunteering with the evidence department.

Matt Schlecht was ranked the fifth highest top performer in field operations, Tyler Randt-Williams ranked fourth, Max Miller ranked third, Blake Teitzel ranked second and Andrew Yocom ranked first.

Those who reached five years of service include Andrew Yocom, Blake Teitzel and Doug Lowrey. Those who reached 10 years of service include Jared Kasinger, Michael Mohr, Chad Foglesong and Sandy Lupo. Both Curtis Lamping and David Harper reached 15 years of service, while Vern West reached 20 years of service.

Dustry Breen received a distinguished service medal for 25 years of service with the department. Breen recently completed his 26th year of service.

Five officers — Scott Ferguson, Isaac Ingle, Doug Lowrey, Brady Taylor and Lisa Arthur — received recognition for not using sick leave in 2023.

“Your community appreciates all of you,” Snaza said. “They appreciate the work that you do.”