40 Days for Life: Prayer Vigil on Abortions Coming to Planned Parenthood in Centralia


A Mossyrock native is coordinating a 40-day prayer vigil outside the Centralia Planned Parenthood branch set to begin on March 1. 

Caroline Bowes is 20 years old, and her personal story began with a decision by her parents not to have an abortion. 

Bowes is a quadruplet. She said when her mother was pregnant with she and her siblings, the doctors encouraged her mother to terminate two pregnancies due to concerns they had about her safety. 

Bowes’ mother chose to carry all four children to term based largely on their faith, Bowes said. 

“My parents knew that God would provide for them, so they chose life,” she said. 

Consequently, Bowes said she has become somewhat of a pro-life advocate and is organizing a local 40 Days for Life event. 

The event entails people standing outside the Centralia Planned Parenthood and peacefully praying, Bowes said. 

Bowes said the event is distinctly non-political. She discouraged people who wish to participate from bringing their own signs. There will be 40 Days for Life signs instead that attendees can use, she said. 

“It’s not political in any way. It’s wholly religious and for the purposes of prayer,” she said. 

She said five evangelical churches, three Catholic churches and a handful of other religious organizations have worked with her to develop a prayer schedule. 

The purpose of the vigil, Bowes said, is to provide prayer and offer what she said are alternatives to abortion, including adoption or raising the child. 

The vigil begins daily at 9 a.m. and runs until 6 p.m. 

Bowes said there are some 350 similar vigils planned around the country. 

According to the organization’s website, the vigil is coupled with prayer and fasting and community outreach to end legal abortion in America. 

A call to a Planned Parenthood spokesperson was not returned as of The Chronicle’s deadline. 

Those interested can contact Bowes at Centralia40DaysForLife@gmail.com or by calling Bowes at 360-388-0741.