20th District in Line for $76.3 Million for Projects in House Capital Budget Proposal


In a statement released by state Rep. Peter Abbarno, R-Centralia, on Monday, it was revealed the 20th Legislative District would receive over $76.3 million in projects as part of the proposed House capital budget for the 2023-2025 biennium. 

The House proposal must be reconciled with the Senate proposal before a final capital budget is sent to Gov. Jay Inslee for signing. 

The proposed House capital budget totals $8.38 billion, of which $4.18 billion would come from general obligation bonds. Major areas of spending included $893 million for behavioral health construction, including a 136-bed facility at Maple Lane in Rochester for civil conversion patients, $847 million for K-12 public school construction, $704 million for housing construction and improvements, $710 million for infrastructure and $653 million for ecological improvements. 

The state capital budget appropriates money to statewide construction and repair of public buildings, as well as other investments, such as land acquisitions and transfers, infrastructure, broadband, parks and cultural and heritage facilities. 

"Unlike many other fiscal budgets, the state capital budget is based on community solutions," said Abbarno, who serves as one of two Republican assistant ranking members on the House Capital Budget Committee. "Many of the projects start with community-based individuals, organizations, and local governments identifying solutions for problems and then partnering with the state and my office to assist."

According to Abbarno, the capital budget is a way to return tax dollars sent to the state government back to local areas. He also said the projects funded by the proposed capital budget would provide jobs, help local economies and improve quality of life. 

Several local projects would be funded through the proposed capital budget.

The budget would include $73 million for the Office of Chehalis Basin to administer floodplain risk reduction and habitat restoration projects in the Chehalis River Basin, which runs partly through the 20th Legislative District.

There would also be $3.345 million for critical habitat in the South Sound, including floodplains projects in Ridgefield. 


Additional Funding Proposals

• $3.05 million would be used for a new emergency medical services and fire station in South Thurston County.

• $3 million would be spent on “dig-once” projects on Reynolds Road and Harrison Avenue in Centralia. 

• The budget proposal would appropriate $2.48 million for the Centralia Quad Infield Turf Project. 

• Centralia’s Historic Fox Theater would receive $482,000.

• $450,000 would be given to the Ridgefield Outdoor Recreational Complex. 

• The Scott Hill Park and Sports Complex of Woodland would receive $350,000. 

• Morton’s Fire Mountain Arts Council would receive $217,000. 

• The proposed budget would provide $160,000 for the Tenino Stone Carvers Guild workshop and classroom.

• $100,000 would be appropriated for the United Learning Center in Centralia. 

• The Toledo City Hall structural assessment would receive $53,000 from the proposed capital budget. 

Abbarno said the enacted version of the capital budget may look different from the House proposal, but he hopes many of the projects local to the 20th Legislative District remain after negotiations.

“I have the opportunity to work with statewide and community organizations to help deliver important projects and help fund priorities," Abbarno said of his role as one of the two assistant ranking members of the House Capital Budget Committee. "As we move through the legislative process, I'll continue working hard to ensure our region receives the funds it needs to thrive."