Stephanie Iris: “Schulte acknowledged that Anderson does not have a Type A personality, but said a manager of the 911 center needs to take a softer approach, notably because up to 70 percent of dispatchers are women.”

Glad to hear an elected official thinks that a communication “breakdown” between a bunch of men is because the female dispatchers need to be treated like delicate little flowers. Right.

Lawrence Marc Fogde: I have used the cvounty radio system for almost 25 years, as an EMT and firefighter and other parts of emergency services. There have been times when I was unable to get through to the dispatchers because of various reasons (shadow spots in radio coverage/extremely busy dispatchers, etc., were all the cause of the problems.) However asking local fire departments and EMS services to pay an equal amount as other county dispatches are currently paying seems like a reasonable request. I also wonder if the switch to digital radios some time in the past have been causing issues. I remember my old Motorola brick radio that was analog working a lot better than the current generation of digital bricks.

Reader responds on Facebook to news that Centralia and W.F. West are getting a combined $9.1 million in grants for new STEM facilities:

Kirsten Klein: This is excellent news! Better education/schools makes a stronger community.

Readers respond on Facebook to story detailing allegations against two Adna students accused of placing dead birds on a classmate’s vehicle and writing slurs:

Kristi Vrooman: It saddens me that there is still such hate in our little communities. How and why are our children committing hate crimes toward their peers?

Allison Fowler Haugan: I’m just so pleased to see how far we have come as a county ... NOT!!

Denise Crosier:  How infuriating! Where are these children’s parents?

Chronline Comments

Story: Sirens Item on Mother Stopping

Vehicle Prowls

User Name: loggergirl

High 5 to the moms for stopping the vehicle prowls that their sons were doing! If more parents started holding their kids accountable for their actions and making them face the consequences, we could be spending more on education and less on building new prisons! And by actually enforcing good values and judgment now while they are still juveniles, they can hopefully learn their lessons now and have their records sealed before they become adults and end up with permanent felony records, thereby screwing themselves out of decent jobs and many other things adult felons lose out on.

Obituary: Myron L. Neva

User Name:  bawt90

I loved listening to all his great stories. He was a man of great wisdom and amazed me how he remembered all the details and names of so many things and people. I will always cherish those moments and be proud to have shared a part of life with him.

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