McCroskey Commentary: If You Give a Government Your Money …


I keep losing track of just how long we have as humans to survive the apocalypse of global warming, cooling or just climate change. Is it 12 years, 10 years or are we simply too late? 

In some ways I guess it’s easier to plan knowing we’re already lost. My 401K doesn’t have to last as long as I thought, my cars can definitely make it that long, and I don’t need to consider planning college for grandkids.

In the back of my mind though, I wonder if those same prognosticators of doom actually believe that gibberish, or simply want to control more of our lives?

Yeah, I think that’s it.

And speaking of gibberish, I read recently that despite raising gas taxes in 2017, California is looking at taxing drivers by the mile. If I read the story right, they are considering replacing the outdated gas tax with this idea. Replace a tax with another tax? Sounds like our liberal legislature’s ongoing infatuation with an income tax to be more fair.  

Anyone with an ounce of sense who pays taxes knows whether it’s our state or California, they don’t replace taxes, they just add to the ones they have.

To be fair though, they can’t help themselves, spending other people’s money is just what liberal politicians do. But it’s the logic that is kind of interesting here. Because they (government) has demanded cars be more efficient, they are not collecting enough cash at the gas pump to maintain the roads, they say. It’s not how they spend what they get — that couldn’t be part of the problem — it’s just not enough.

So, they’ll consider charging by the mile to encourage (force) us to use the bus or other public transportation, live in cities and stop driving. 

If they are successful, life will be good, they’ll have all the money they need and roads will be good right?

Not likely.

Logic suggests if fewer people drive, the gas tax or tax by the mile revenue will go down and then what?  We’ll almost certainly need more buses, more routes, more bus drivers, and still need roads to drive them on.

They’ll just tax us more elsewhere to pay for their endless spending.

I guess the only surprise here is that our “me too” governor didn’t push this foolishness first. Or maybe he has?




Memorial Day is upon us and remembering those who sacrificed so much for this country is important. Many kids today have not had to experience this kind of sacrifice and don’t get taught about it, so it’s too easy to forget what can be required to remain the country we are.

Years ago, I had the opportunity to go to Arlington National Cemetery and it’s a sobering experience. From the honor guards attached to stand watch of the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, to the seemingly endless head\stones, it is a reminder that our history and freedoms came at a cost.

But you don’t have to go to Arlington Virginia to be reminded of that sacrifice.  There are National Cemeteries all over this country. My father is buried in one on a hill overlooking San Francisco. 

I’ve been there a couple of times and am always struck by the image of so many head stones representing so many lives.

As they usually do, there will be a number of ceremonies around our county this year to commemorate some of those sacrifices, made for our country. It’s a good time to reflect on them regardless of your politics. Since its founding, our country has called on our young citizens many times, and they have thankfully answered the call.

We can argue, as some do about wars and that’s a fair debate.  

But the freedom to debate and argue is one that is unique in the world and came at a real cost.  This weekend as we celebrate with family and friends, we shouldn’t forget that.



John McCroskey was Lewis County sheriff from 1995 to 2005. He lives outside Chehalis, and can be contacted at


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