Letter to the Editor: Please Bring Reader Comments Back to Chronline.com


Last month, the comments section disappeared from the online edition of The Chronicle at chronline.com. 

When I wrote the editors to inquire about what had happened, I was informed by the editor-in-chief that one individual had abused the system, so the editors chose to shut it down until the launch of The Chronicle’s new website.

That was now nearly a month ago, and I’ve neither seen nor heard any indications that the new site will be launched any time soon. I would ask the editors to relaunch the comments section now and not wait until the new site goes live.

The Chronicle’s comments section is a vital resource for our community. It is an important forum for people among its readership in Southwest Washington to voice views and opinions from across the full political spectrum. During the pandemic, with its limitations on our ability to meet in person, this online forum is more important than ever. Being thrown back on social media for political dialogue keeps us all in our cozy information bubbles, insulating us from diverse viewpoints. 

The Chronicle’s comments section is an essential avenue to hear from those holding different political views. I, for one, find it very healthy to be continually challenged by perspectives and opinions that differ from my own.

I would also ask The Chronicle’s editors to not give a single troll the power to summarily shut down important dialogue. I encourage you to consider pulling this person’s commenting privileges rather than punishing everyone for the misbehavior of one person acting in bad faith.

Please restore the comments section and continue to support healthy political dialogue in our community!


LL Hauer 



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