The following individuals and businesses were issued a building permit with a value of $100,000 or more in Lewis County during April:

• Randall Jr. and Teresa Marsh, single-family residence, 381 Craig Road, Packwood, $156,701

• Larry Unzelman, mobile home placement, 679 Highway 603, Chehalis, $144,054

• Lee and Diane Simmons, single-family residence, 484 Larmon Road, Ethel, $261,913

• Ryan and Gena Lemert, new dental care office, 10109 U.S. Highway 12, Randle, $155,000

• Karen Etheredge, single-family residence, 258 Antrim Road, Winlock, $183,433

• Bailey Williams et al, single-family residence, 216 Conrad Road, Winlock, $241,652

• Helen and Cameron Konigsberger, single-family residence, 176 Plomondon Road, Toledo, $141,051

• Tyler and Melissa Shoemaker, single-family residence, 177 Pier Road, Chehalis, $202,651

• Robert and Barbara Bennett, single-family residence, 292 Craig Road, Packwood, $187,832

• Kenneth and Jennifer Rankin, single-family residence, 183 Salkum Heights Drive, Salkum, $141,746

• Birchfield Plot 1 Inc., single-family residence, 113 Birchfield Parkway, Onalaska, $201,804

• John and Marlo Braun, remodel/addition to single-family residence, 1908 Salzer Valley Road, Centralia, $150,000

• Thomas Kesterke, single-family residence, 103 Hummingbird Lane, Mossyrock, $189,853

• Robert and Geneva Sherwood, single-family residence, 759E Rhoades Road, Winlock, $188,198

• Michael and Sylvia West, mobile home placement, 115-J Walker Road, Toledo, $120,112

• Keith and Cheryl Jones, single-family residence, 139 Norton Lane, Onalaska, $247,047

• Zane and Anna Bischoff, single-family residence, 912 Centralia-Alpha Road, $160,619

• Ralph Mitchell, single-family residence, 2372 Salzer Valley Road, Centralia, $177,122

• Kurt and Jill Reddig, single-family residence, 152 Eadon Road S., Toledo, $246,522

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