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Throwing beer cans at my “Trump for Prison” sign apparently wasn’t enough for some of our Lewis County conservatives as one of them decided to steal my sign. I guess drinking while driving or stealing is OK for Lewis County Republicans but free speech is forbidden. Another “Trump For Prison” sign is on the way.

By the way just what do you Republicans like about Trump? Is it grabbing our wives and daughters by their genitalia or is it calling our fallen soldiers losers and suckers? People who support our con-man president are complicit with his actions and behavior and are no better than the con-man himself.  


Forrest Gill


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I Got Nuthin'

Not to worry Forrest, you will get the last laugh when you sign's prophecy comes true. I predict the day after Biden is sworn in, the NY Attorneys General will file charges against the criminal in chief.


Yes, it's far more than a little ironic, isn't it? These are the same people who drooled while chanting "Lock her up!". I guess it's only a good idea when republicans say it. And that landed right where republicans live: Hypocristan.

Cpt D

Thank you Forrest for standing tall against local abuse of our First Amendment Rights!

Fascists can lie but can not tolerate the truth.

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