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Marty Ansley’s letter of Sept. 5 requires a response, as slander and smear should always be answered, since they “destroy objective truth.”

To place President Donald Trump in the same paragraph with Hitler, Goebbels, Rev. Jim Jones and Putin is a sickening insult to our president and to Trump voters and Trump supporters. 

This sort of vicious slander will not help the Democrats. It merely reflects badly on Marty Ansley’s values and his judgement. 

And referring to fictional characters Superman, Lou Grant and Huckleberry Finn for support is weak. And Edward R. Murrow probably would not quote from a “supposedly anonymous, very highly placed source within the ‘deep state.’”

Mr. Ansley’s attempt to create a story full of nasty negatives is nasty. 

Mike Kimbrel


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You epitomize the problem with fascism here, Mike. The followers in a fascist state get all worked up about their feuhrer, but have no real concept of civics. You elected a moron who cannot think on his own, so, surrounds himself with the likes of Stephen Miller to do his thinking for him. But see, the true fascist doesn't burden themselves with the facts of the issues. It's much easier to whine that their feuhrer is getting "slandered". It's an inability to distinguish between ideas and personality. A true fascist thinks an attack on their feuhrer is an attack on themselves. They can't imagine that ideas are disposable, changeable things. You people who voted for the feuhrer were wrong. Learn from it.


All points are good, neighbor!


Mike Kimbrel: While you are certainly entitled to your opinion, I wonder once more why a supported of Trump, complains quite strongly about what they perceive as a wrong done to their leader,but not once do any of you bring up he has ruined the strong economy we had, he has promoted hate and riots, he lies at every turn , he has mocked those that are disabled. He turns on so called friends at a drop of a hat. but most of all he knows Nothing about understanding OUR Constitution and By Laws and is running this Country into the ground. Can you please explain why none of you ever mention these issues in the President?

Frosted Flake

Complaining about disrespect for objective truth is not something a republican ought to be doing.

Cpt D

Your rebuttal to Mr. Ansley's letter is clear. I invite you to write a letter to explain WHY you still support the President. I would also caution you to observe our common belief that "all men are created equal" and not use hatred, slander, lies and innuendoes to support him.

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