Why are people trying to fix something that is not broken? I have been following the local port commissioner election and am dumbfounded by the negativity directed toward the port. 

My wife, Sharie, and I have raised our children in Centralia. I was a coal miner at the mine and Sharie sold appliances at Sears. With the closing of the mine, many people lost their jobs and had to relocate, reeducate, or find other employment. Pickings were slim in the area.

Over the past twenty years I have seen the growth in the Port of Centralia with their two industrial parks and the upcoming Centralia Station project.  All those jobs created for this community!  This is due to the hard work of Julie Shaffley, Dan Keahey, past port commissioners, and their staff.  

I voted in support of a port in the 1980s because we needed growth and that is exactly what they have given us.

I will be voting for Julie Shaffley for Port Commissioner and look forward to the continued growth of our community.


Bryan Davidson



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