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I’d like to thank my fellow citizens for agreeing with me and voting no on the recent levy. I am extremely disgusted and disappointed in the Centralia educators and the school board for giving in so easily to their demands. 

The teachers could have, and frankly should have, accepted the state funds alone as raises, if they truly cared about the young minds entrusted to their care. 

Instead, a money grab was performed and the district ended up spending money they knew they didn’t have rather than enforce the children’s rights to learn and stand up to them. 

I wonder if any of the board members would change their votes if they could go back in time now that they know what they did was wrong? 

I doubt it as the board members still defend the terrorist teachers using the children of this community to leverage their own twisted desires to this day. One of the excuses the they used to justify their money grab was spending their own money on supplies. 

I laugh at this notion as each year I see the supplies lists pop up at retailers that parents are expected to buy for the classroom. Seems like a tax deduction for job expenses is an option, but I’m not a CPA. I won’t even get started in on the fact that the teachers still impede on family time with homework that really should be done in class on school time. 

Anyway, thank you fellow voters for striking down this extra tax burden the district tried to pass off to us without taking a stand when they should have. Perhaps the teachers should get together and vote to give the district back the money that they didn’t deserve in the first place.


Jeremiah Jackson


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I was torn between tears and laughter reading this. "Terrorist teachers" with "twisted desires?" I really thought this was satire at first. When I realized the writer’s deep hostility and venom toward teachers is quite real, I could only be struck by the irony of this letter following on the heels of the excellent letter written a few days ago titled “Lack of Civility a Disease in Our Society.” This particular anti-teacher letter is a perfect “Exihibit A” of the problem that Dr. Henrickson was pointing out of people acting out from not mere incivility but downright hatred. Until we turn down the volume on this kind of hatred, we have little chance of opening the kinds of productive dialogue needed to solve the very real problems we're facing in our county, our state and our nation.


"... little chance of opening the kinds of productive dialogue needed to solve the very real problems we're facing...". You write of these problems as if they just fell out of the sky, passively happening to the rest of us. Understand this: This school board problem was caused by the board. They are people, and they acted. It is these actions that got a resounding response from the county's voters. When this board tries to reach into my pockets and isn't straight with us about it, civility is not on the menu. The tax bill you get from the county isn't civil, it is force. They aren't asking. Pay it or pay the price. I don't think I'm going to worry too much about some incivility aimed squarely at those who are earning It.

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