Everyone knows the Port of Centralia is essential to the economic vitality of our city. The key word is vitality. It means jobs, jobs and more jobs. The good news is the city has a comprehensive plan, including Port plans. However, we, the citizens, have a problem. We have the unrelenting blame game from the current Port leadership. The clearest example is the Centralia Station development. While the news about partnering with WinCo is terrific, it’s just a pipe dream if the stakeholders don’t work cooperatively to get the job done. There are several moving parts that have to be properly coordinated or we’re doomed to fail. Again.

Is the I-5 off ramp to be a reality? What about access through Yew Street? Where are we on the necessary utilities? Are these and other critical matters proactively under discussion across all jurisdictions? I’m a transplant from California, where economic prosperity is an undeniable reality. A key to California’s economic success is consensus building followed up with cooperative action. This is exactly what we need.

The Centralia Station project seems to be a little fiefdom of the port’s, with no other stakeholders allowed in. The consequence of “go-it-alone” thinking is failure, as has already been demonstrated by the port. For the wellbeing of the people of Centralia, it’s time this ends!

We, the voters, have the power. The next election is right around the corner. We must have a proven consensus builder as a port commissioner who can break through this cycle of failure. Bonnie Canaday has spent a lifetime as a cooperative organizer, bringing all parties together for the classic win-win. I am convinced Bonnie will get it done. That’s why I strongly suggest that you vote for Bonnie as our next Port of Centralia Commissioner. We all win if Bonnie’s in.


Kevin Gillan


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What’s your relationship to Bonnie? Why should we believe what you claim, Kevin?


Fair questions, Neighbor. “What’s your relationship to Bonnie?”

I’ve worked side by side with Bonnie Canaday through our church on a number of projects. We have no relationship other than the common goal of improving the quality of life in our community.

“Why should we believe what you claim, Kevin?”

I’ve seen firsthand how insightful and creative Bonnie is in bringing together disparate positions to achieve a common goal. She’s an excellent listener who does not take a position without first exploring the impacts on the various stakeholders. If Bonnie doesn’t get her way, she doesn’t take it personally, mounting some vindictive vendetta, rather she bucks up and moves on.

While Bonnie Canaday has strong views, I’ve also experienced how open she is to another prospective, not so rigid that she can’t recognize the value of another point of view. For Bonnie, it’s not about protecting vested interests, it’s about doing the right thing for our community. These attributes are the qualities of a proven leader.

I can attest that Bonnie Canaday has no axe to grind, she’s in nobody’s pocket, she has no hidden agenda. The citizens of Centralia deserve the right to having a clear thinking, open minded servant of the people making the decisions for the future of our community. That is the Bonnie Canaday I know.

You ask: Why should we believe what you claim? Because I’ve seen her leadership skills up close and in the trenches. She’s a warrior. In the end, you don’t have to believe me, look at her record of caring leadership in this community.

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